Quantcast C H A P T E R   4 Section  I. SERVICE   UPON   RECEIPT 4-1.  GENERAL. The five water distribution systems are shipped in reusable wooden crates of various sizes (figure 4-1). Use care when uncrating equipment to avoid unnecessary damage of shipping crates. Refer to Chapter 1, Section II for identification of particular water distribution system (WDS) components and kits to be used for your system. When uncrating equipment, it is important to remember that the system is based on a modular concept. The systems described in this manual are dealt within general terms. When for instance, the 1,000K WDS is described as  consisting  of  20,  50,000  gallon  water  tanks  and  associated  equipment,  this  is  not  meant  to  imply  that  all  20 water  tanks  must  be  used.  Uncrate  only  the  amount  of  equipment  necessary  to  perform  your  particular  opera- tion. Uncrate equipment as follows. C A U T I O N Use care when removing hoses to avoid puncturing hoses with sharp objects as nails. 4-2. SITING AND UNCRATING. Select a level, debris free area for setting up the WDS. Remove top of wooden shipping crate (figure 4-1). An equipment shipping list is supplied with each system. Remove equipment shipping bags from shipping container one at a time.  Inspect  the  equipment  for  damage  incurred  during  shipment.  If  the  equipment  has  been  damaged,  report the damage on DD Form 6, Packaging Improvement Report. Marine Corps users refer to MCO 4610.19. Check the equipment against the packing slip to see if the shipment is complete. Report all discrepancies in accordance with the instructions of DA PAM 738-750. Marine Corps personnel submit SF-364 forms in ac- cordance  with  MCO  4430-3.  Check  to  see  whether  the  equipment  has  been  modified. Change 1    4-1 ORGANIZATIONAL MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS

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